A Supreme Homecare - Geriatrics-Nurse


When an injury or debilitating illness occurs, it’s amazing to think we live in a place where hospitals are available. If you were fortunate enough to procure an ambulance, or make it to a hospital by whatever means available, you are no doubt grateful that you are able to embark on the recovery process. But now that you are able to start your recovery, you would probably rather do that in a place you feel much more comfortable, your very own home. If this sounds like you, then In-Home Care by the amazing Therapists from A-Supreme Nursing & Homecare might be exactly what you or your loved one is looking for.

Physical Therapists

Perhaps your situation is not quite that dire. Perhaps your child broke an arm jumping from the bottom limb of the big oak tree in your front yard. Perhaps you or your spouse fell at work, and while your injury was not life-threatening, it will require recovery time and physical therapy. Perhaps you or your loved one struggles with substance abuse, and would like to procure regular in-home counseling or medical treatment while rehabilitating. There are literally a whole host of other situations in which you or your loved one might benefit from professional In-Home care from a highly trained, fully-qualified specialist. Whatever your need for localized therapy, A-Supreme Nursing & Healthcare has the solution!

Occupational Therapists

New content coming soon for occupational therapists