A Supreme Homecare - Geriatrics-Nurse

Local RN

Are you a local RN, LPN, or any other type of Nursing Assistant or Medically Trained Professional, and you’d like to work with a staffing agency? Are you a certified medical professional, medical assistant, or caregiver and you’d like to work with us in providing the highest-quality in-home medical care inside and around the Metro Atlanta area, then consider working with A-Supreme Nursing & Homecare!

A-Supreme Nursing & Homecare employees go through as comprehensive of a screening process as any Nursing and Homecare agency prior to hire. The processes include the following:

  • Validation of professional licensure
  • Professional references
  • Drug screening
  • Educational Background
  • Comprehensive medical clearance
  • Criminal background checks
  • Competency Testing in areas of specialty
  • CHAP Training
  • HIPPA Training
  • Contract specific requirements
  • I9 screening (Employment Verification)

We’d love to meet you, even if you aren’t finished with your training, and even if you haven’t started your training! We can even help you navigate the best routes to begin or finish your training. What other staffing agency can offer you that?

What areas are you training for? Are you currently in Nursing School, but you’ve already procured a training certificate? Are you currently finishing certification? What recruiting engines have you utilized? Let’s talk! Contact us via this website, or call us at (678) 224-5973. We can’t wait to help get your career jumpstarted!