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Geriatrics Nurse

Can you believe that there are companies out there, even in the Metro Atlanta area, who consider themselves a Nanny Service for Grannies? How unbelievably demeaning! This type of labeling is not only stereotypical, crude, and gender-excluding, it is offensive to an amazing, life-giving generation, a generation that some have called “The Greatest Generation.” Not only is this type of labeling offensive, it’s inaccurate, as it doesn’t identify the necessary scope of services that is warranted for in-home elderly care.

Our senior adults are a precious entity. They deserve our love, and sometimes, they need our care. Even the most independently-minded older adults, who still live at home, could probably benefit from the amazing scope of services offered by the highly-trained, fully-qualified, in-home-care professionals from A-Supreme Nursing & Homecare. At A-Supreme Nursing & Homecare, we go to great lengths to ensure that our any in-home Therapist, Social Worker, Geriatrics Nurse, Pediatrics Nurse, or any kind of Caregiver in our employ is gifted for care, qualified for service, trained for excellence, and sharpened for perfection. We wouldn’t administer anyone into your home that we wouldn’t commission to take care of our own loved ones.

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